Workers’ Compensation/Longshore Act

Our commitment to working families extends to everything we do, especially workers’ compensation cases.  If you’re injured at work, you need legal representation to protect yourself and your family.  That means feeling certain that you’ve received the best medical care for your injury, without delay or red tape.  If you need to see a specialist, physical therapist, or rehabilitation expert, we’ll get you those services.  If you need to go to Court, we’ll stand up to the insurance company and their lawyers.   And unlike some other law firms, we have the expertise to understand your rights under your Union contract and other laws that prohibit discrimination based on your disability, protect your rights on the job, and entitle you and your family members to medical leave if you need it.

Most importantly, we are accessible by phone, email and text.  We’ve heard the stories about waiting hours on hold for a lawyer to call back, or meeting your lawyer for the first time at Court.  That will not happen at Gursky|Wiens.

If you are a longshoreman or dock worker injured in a shipyard accident, you may be entitled to compensation under the Longshore and Harbor Workers´ Compensation Act (LHWCA), or possibly even state workers’ compensation. Under one of these laws, you may be entitled to compensation for injury, lost wages, medical expenses and more.  We will help you determine which law will provide you the most financial compensation to support you while you are unable to work.

If you get hurt at work as the result of the negligence or someone who is not an employee and you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the Longshore Act or a state workers’ compensation, you may have the right to bring a third party claim against that person or that person’s employer.

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